Stake Your Crypto, Double Your Rewards

Thanks to our network of DeFi partners, when you stake HGMA tokens, you get double the rewards of a regular staking program. This means extra binary options, additional HGMA tokens, and lottery rewards every day. Find out more about our partners here.

​​MM Staking Gamification – This is a potential game-changer for the DeFi ecosystem and a powerful driver of trading volumes. Upon staking not Investable AMM, HGM users earn HGMA tokens in addition to HLP tokens. Users can then stake HLP tokens into binary options for selected DeFi outcomes. The best forecasters receive monthly rewards, part of a collective prize pool. Winning bets double the staked amount, and losing ones result in the staked tokens being burned – limiting the supply of the token and supporting its long-term value. Forecasts made by HLP stakers will be showcased publicly on the platform, while HLP tokens can also be used to enter into monthly lottery draws for additional prizes. The gamification of the staking adds a layer of entertainment to the crypto investment process and ecosystem growth, which will be a driver of overall staking activity.


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