Boost Your Returns With Investable AMM

When you join Holy Grail Markets’ Investable Automatic Market Maker (AMM) facility, you supply liquidity to our partner protocols. All liquidity borrowing is done via our proprietary algorithm, minimizing the number of tokens used so you can stake (and earn) in other protocols.

HGM offers investable liquidity pools as a small portion of the overall AMM pool, providing additional liquidity and returns to LPs. HGM’s embedded algorithms will determine the proportion of investable liquidity and will launch in collaboration with several partners using the AMM LP token as collateral. HGM replaces the classical AMM (ex. Uniswap) with an enhanced AMM paradigm, with added profitability in the form of rewards and lotteries, converting the earnings of the AMM into a prize pool.


A step towards
the next generation of DeFi

A Comprehensive DeFi platform that offers AMM lending, options trading, DAO index investing, and AMM gamification capabilities. Powered by Solana.