Ultimate DeFi Option Trading. Unleashed.

Holy Grail Markets is the ultimate Solana-based DeFi options trading platform. We bring you options trading with unparalleled speed and the lowest transaction costs. Trade options, invest in DAO crypto staking index funds, and stake in the Investable AMM cross-chain program to boost your returns - all in a single protocol.



Trade Options With Zero Commissions

Binary options offer significant upside with limited downside. Holy Grail Markets allows you to trade binary options without commission fees simply by staking into the Investable AMM program. Trade binary options on Holy Grail Markets to unlock a virtually endless world of trading strategies.

Stake Your Crypto, Double Your Rewards

Thanks to our network of DeFi partners, when you stake HGMA tokens, you get double the rewards of a regular staking program. This means extra binary options, additional HGMA tokens, and lottery rewards every day. Find out more about our partners here.

AMM Staking Games. Stake More, Win More

When you stake into Investable AMM, you get HGMA tokens in addition to HLP tokens. You can then stake HLP tokens into binary options for selected DeFi outcomes, with top forecasters winning weekly USD Coin prizes.

Boost Your Returns With Investable AMM

When you join Holy Grail Markets’ Investable Automatic Market Maker (AMM) facility, you supply liquidity to our partner protocols. All liquidity borrowing is done via our proprietary algorithm, minimizing the number of tokens used so you can stake (and earn) in other protocols.

Invest In DAO Index Funds With HGMA Tokens

Our index funds give you total exposure to the performance of crypto assets, which you help select by voting in the Holy Grail Market DAO. You can choose how much of your staked HLP to invest into particular index funds, thanks to our AMM protocol.



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A Comprehensive DeFi platform that offers AMM lending, options trading, DAO index investing, and AMM gamification capabilities. Powered by Solana.